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When the lab reviewed the top 10 malware families targeting Android, Andr/PornClk was the biggest, accounting for more than 20% of the cases reviewed in 2016. Andr/CNSMS, an SMS sender with Chinese origins, was the second largest (13% of cases), followed by Andr/ DroidRT, an Android rootkit (10%), and Andr/SmsSend (8%). In addition to malware, Android has been found vulnerable to a variety of hacking techniques. In one such case, researchers found that attackers can crack Pattern Lock within five attempts by using video and computer vision algorithm software. Last week, researchers at Palo Alto Networks discovered 132 Android apps on Google Play tainted with hidden IFrames linking to malicious domains in their local HTML pages. Interestingly, the malware was Windows-based. SophosLabs showed additional research tracing that malware back to a developer who goes by the name Nandarok. Though Android security risks remain pervasive, there’s plenty users can do to minimize their exposure. In the case of the malware discovered by Check Point, a simple piece of advice is to scan a new phone for malware. Though it can make sense for small companies with limited budgets to purchase the devices through cheaper resellers, it’s important to research the sellers to see if they’ve sold problematic technology in the past. Trusted websites and stores remain the safest route of purchase.

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